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Sunny Tales Baby Mat Borders & Corners

RM59.90 MYR
Compliant To International Standards
silver ions and antibacterial

How can baby mats be antibacterial? How does Sunny Tales work?
All you have to do is to simply clean or rinse the mats with clean water before actually using them. Water allows the infused Silver Ions (Ag+) within the mats to be released out to the surface of mats, and those released powerful particles will kill any germs and bacteria that come in contact with the mats. 

The more it's being washed, the stronger the antibacterial effectiveness. The efficacy can last for maximum 10 years. 

safety comes first

Product Description
  • Able to withstand heavy weight, great force and high pressure.
  • Light weighted and ultra soft to give cushion and protection to prevent injuries.
  • Impact shock absorbing and cushioning that give ultimate comfort.
  • Waterproof and 100% recyclable.
  • Top quality, safe, soft and durable.
  • Easy to clean by giving it a wipe with wet clothe.
  • Odourless. 
  • Material: top grade EVA
Key Features of Sunny Tales Baby Mats 

Waterproof, washable and easy to clean

With the key feature of waterproof and washable, Sunny Tales is here to make every mother's cleaning job much more easier! 

Cleaning the mats with water will give those mats a deep layer of cleansing as water will activate the intrinsic sterilisation of Sunny Tales baby mats. 

Odourless and Toxic-Free

Generally, most baby mats in the market commonly come with an unpleasant and pungent smell due to the chemical compounds 
used for the production of baby mats. 

Unfortunately, these materials are extremely harmful and constantly having contact with those will affect the health of humans. This is why Sunny Tales is odourless and toxic-free as we care for your babies as much as you do. 

antislip, antiskid

Infants learning to walk by learning to fall. As a child goes through these stages of development, you may find your kid fall A LOT when they are learning to walk.

Getting injured is part of their journey of learning to walk, but as parents, we do not want them to get any injuries. Sunny Tales is here for every step your babies take and every mistakes they make.

Top quality, high resilient and durability

Babies can stomp on it, bend it, bite it, pull it and twist it; do all they want but with no doubt, Sunny Tales can handle all the stresses like no other. Sunny Tales baby mats are made out of top grade EVA, which able to withstand heavy weight, great force and high pressure.

It has great impact and shock absorbance, providing the ultimate comfort for cushion and protection.

Easy storage 

Having trouble with storing your thick roll mats and they seem to be taking up so much spaces to keep?

Sunny Tales baby mats can be disassembled and stacked up for easy storage. It will only occupy a little corner, and you may reserve the rest of your space for you and your babies. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Icing on the cake

The borders and corners just complete the playmat.

Shaleni Sivananthen

Good mat for baby to use

amelia ameliangling
Perfect Protection

All good! Fit in perfectly for my numerical baby mats from the same company.

Satisfied with quality

I am really satisfied with the product quality. I did order from SunnyTales’ web too. But ordering from this seller is way faster for delivery! And got discounts during 10.10 also!

Novela weekerlee
Good Baby Product

Fully satisfied with my purchase! The mat is sturdy & indeed high quality. Not even tear apart no matter how hard we pull them. Really safe for babies especially, and yesss its odourless! Loving it!