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Why Choose Sunny Tales?

The Main Concerns of Most Parents
Concern #1
Hygiene, The Main Concern of Every Parent
Newborn babies are fragile and need to be protected at any cost, they require spaces that are clean, safe and uncontaminated. However, as human, we are unable to see germs and bacteria with our bare eyes. We can’t tell which objects or surfaces are actually filthy and full of harmful pathogens. Hence, this makes it difficult for us to know the legitimately clean places to let babies stay around.
Concern #2
Safety Comes First
 Kids’ imaginations are at all-time high while staying at home and how to make sure that safety starts at home when your toddlers are always so active and hyped? Baby proofing and safety gates might be part of the solutions but those things still aren’t good enough to prevent your kids from getting any bruises or injuries while they toddle.
Concern #3
Harmful Odour and Chemical Substances That Might Affect Your Baby’s Health
Generally, pungent odour is commonly found in most baby mats due to chemical compounds that are being used for the production of baby mats. Unfortunately, these materials will generate toxic volatile organic compound as by-products in the form of gas or odour. Little did you know how dangerous and harmful are these unpleasant odour and chemical substances? The pungent smell will affect the respiratory system of humans, whereas those chemical substances like BPA, Formaldehyde and Phthalates have detrimental effects towards human bodies as they will affect the secretion of hormones and growth factors. 




Sunny Tales Has The 3-In-1 Solution For You That Can Settle All Your Concerns.

Sunny Tales is infused with Japan Silver Ions (Ag+) Technology, which enable the mats to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria to keep the mats clean and safe for babies. Silver Ions are widely used in sterilisation of medical devices, bandages, and medical utilities. They are harmless, non-toxic and very effective when comes to eliminating detrimental bacteria.

Also, Sunny Tales has sent its products to international standard laboratory for qualification testings and all products have passed all the tests below:

EN71: Organic Chemical Compounds 
EN71-1: Mechanical and Physical Properties 
EN71-2: Flammability 
EN71-3: Migration of Certain Elements
Formamide Test 
Flame Retardants (TCEP, TCCP, TDCP) Test 
Phthalates Test 
Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCP) Test 
Soluble Bisphenol A (BPA) Test

Sunny Tales holds all the certifications that are compliant to a wide range of international standards, which prove that Sunny Tales Antibacterial Baby Mats are definitely safe, non-toxic and harmless to both adults and babies. With Sunny Tales, parents now could say bye-bye to those germs and do not have to worry about the spaces where babies play around and crawl on. Sunny Tales provides your babies a 100% safe, 100% comfortable and 100% kids and babies friendly play space! 


How Can Baby Mats Be Antibacterial? How Sunny Tales Baby Mats Work? 

All you have to do is to simply clean or rinse the mats with clean water before actually using them. Water allows the infused Silver Ions (Ag+) within the mats to be released out to the surface of mats, and those released powerful particles will kill any germs and bacteria that come in contact with the mats.

Our mats are not coated but infused with the antibacterial agents, thus rinsing and cleaning the mats will not wear off its antibacterial effectiveness. The more it’s being washed, the stronger the antibacterial effectiveness and the efficacy can last for at least 6 years.


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