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Sunny Tales Plain Baby Mats

Product Feature:
  • Able to withstand heavy weight, great force and high pressure.
  • Light weighted and ultra soft to give cushion and protection to prevent injuries.
  • Impact shock absorbing and cushioning that give ultimate comfort.
  • Waterproof and 100% recyclable.
  • Top quality, safe, soft and durable.
  • Easy to clean by giving it a wipe with wet clothe.
  • Odourless. 
  • Material: top grade EVA

    Product Description:

    Why Do You Need A Baby Mat At Home? 
    The most common cause of infant injury is falls, which account for more than half of all seriously injured children. There are 170,000 annual injuries are caused by falls and getting a decent baby mats is a necessary investment to make.

    Sunny Tales Is The Best Protection For Your Babies
    Infants learning to walk by learning to fall. As a child goes through these stages of development, you may find your kid fall A LOT when they are learning to walk. Getting injured is part of their journey of learning to walk, but as parents, we do not want them to get any injuries.

    How can baby mats be antibacterial? How does Sunny Tales work?
    All you have to do is to simply clean or rinse the mats with clean water before actually using them. Water allows the infused Silver Ions (Ag+) within the mats to be released out to the surface of mats, and those released powerful particles will kill any germs and bacteria that come in contact with the mats. 

    The more it's being washed, the stronger the antibacterial effectiveness. The efficacy can last for maximum 10 years. 
    Silver Ions and Antibacterial

    Compare and see the differences between Sunny Tales and Conventional Mats.
    You have the choice, make it right and wise!

    Sunny Tales Comes In A Wide Range of Colour Selection To Make Your Baby Rooms Colourful and Lively. 


    Colours, Quantity and Measurements 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    York Yok
    Excellent Quality

    Cute and functional. Easy to clean. No weird smell at all. Highly recommend!

    York Yok
    Perfect Mat

    We bought this for our babies play area. It is a durable mat and it's very easy to clean. The mat is plush and when my baby falls backward, I’m not concerned about her getting injured. I would 100% recommend to another parent who's looking to purchase.

    York Yok
    Great baby product

    A must have for babies! It’s great for little ones who are still crawling, flipping over, learning to stand and walk. My baby boy has had some spills trying to stand, if not for the mat, he would have hurt himself.

    Felissa tan
    Excellent Customer Service

    Very excellent customer service.
    The product is fairly priced and has a fast delivery.
    Recommended to all parents looking for the baby mats.

    Labella Lim
    Love the anti-bac function.

    It is safe for my little one. Non-toxic. Durable and good quality